Beybo, one of the most important strong aspects of Akkanat Holding in the textile sector, started its activities in Çorlu in 1987 with fabric dyeing, rotation printing and finishing. Since 1991, it has made a transition to the field of garment. Beybo has a total of 750 employees in Çorlu, Seydişehir and Istanbul. Today, Turkey's one of the most important companies in the textile sector, Beybo exports most of its production to European Union countries. The most important feature expected from a company in the textile sector is the timely delivery of the products along with the quality. In this sense, Beybo has come to the forefront with its quality standards and timely delivery characteristics that have been achieved for 30 years. In 2002, Beybo opened a new facility in Seydişehir, Konya and took a major step to increase the employment of Akkanat Holding in Anatolia. With the opening of the facilities in Seydişehir, the migration for the region has stopped and even a reverse migration has started. Having pioneered new technologies, quality standards and environmental awareness in the textile sector in Turkey for 30 years, Beybo maintains its privileged position in the sector with its high quality and timely delivery approach. Beybo, which has been manufacturing for fashion giants in Europe and America that have become world brands for 30 years, continues to add value to Turkey, backed by the assurance of AKKANAT Holding.

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